The Castle Duesenberg

N° 9

 A. Allard

" By 1919, the Duesenberg name had become synonymous with craftsmanship, performance and advanced engineering. The brothers that brought that name to renown were German born Frederick and August Duesenberg.

Samuel Northup Castle placed an order in 1919 and would become the first owner of a Duesenberg passenger car when he took delivery of his Straight Eight in 1921. Castle, an early car enthusiast, came from a family of Hawaiian missionaries and was a founder of Castle & Cooke Co., a Hawaiian sugar cooperative. Duesenberg built the chassis and engine at their plant in Indianapolis, and Castle worked with an outside coach builder, in this case the Bender Body Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, to craft a body to his liking. This would become customary for the marque and luxury automobiles of the period"

Brandon Anderson, Executive Director & CEO Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Automobile Museum



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